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The thermal wood treatment is a rather serious process. The structure and chemical composition of wood is changed in this process. Naturally each species of trees reacts differently on the influence. Different structure of fiber, content of resin and moisture are the most important factors of obtaining the quality thermal wood. Any species of wood can be processed but the material which is really quality and resistant to external effects can be only from certain species of trees. Other species either are used at a certain extent for obtaining thermal wood or are not used at all. During multi-year researches Europeans selected some tree species which are suitable for thermal treatment. We learn from that invaluable experience and offer the quality thermal wood from the following species.

Thermo pine

Products from thermo pine are the most popular on the market of thermal wood. At their relatively low price they can be used during long time as they have all the performance characteristics of the wood made from much more expensive species of natural trees. Thermo pine is light and easy to treat and polish that allows performing almost any color solutions.
Thanks to pronounced texture of fiber and beautiful golden-brown colour it is very demanded in design of premises – panelling of walls and floors, furniture, decor elements. The minimal amount of resin and possibility of treatment at maximum possible temperature make the wood very suitable for treatment. Facades of houses, counter roofing, alcoves are also the spheres where the material is used.

Thermo ash-tree

Ash-trees can be found almost everywhere in Europe, particularly close to the north. A lot of ash-trees grow in Latvia, Poland, on the Baltic coastline, they can be found in Crimea and in the Caucasus. The tree is long since considered one of the most important tree species. It is solid, viscous, and has a nice natural texture and color. Ash-trees are often used to green city streets.
The homogeneous texture of tree fiber is strongly pronounced. It has almost no defects, both outer and hidden like nodules, cracks etc. They feature high elasticity and convenience of treatment. Various hues can be achieved depending on the thermal treatment mode. Thermo ash-tree is successfully used for both external and internal finishing.

Thermo beech

Beech is one the most popular tree species used in construction and for furniture production. The timber from mountain beech is considered the most solid and the best quality. The tree color is yellowish with redness. Yearly layers differ with color yet look balanced. Heart-like beams are well seen. The tree texture is homogenous, flexible, and rather strong.
Thermo beech is used both for manufacture of boards for flooring and wall finishing, and for manufacture of furniture. It has less pronounced texture in comparison with other species. However, due to specially selected treatment mode the unique color can be achieved that is very valuable when a certain interior is created.

Thermo hornbeam

Thermo hornbeam has the highest density (from those available in Ukraine) and durability even after thermal modifications. Thermal modification makes the hornbeam insensitive to change of temperature and humidity, and high density allows conducting heat more effectively than oak or ash-tree. These two phenomenal properties allow producing the most effective parquet from thermo hornbeam and even massive boards with heating system.

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