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We render service of  thermal treatment of cut-off and uncut-off board, any tree species at humidity of 8-12%.
In average the thermal wood treatment process takes 7-10 days.
The final color of the board can be both light brown and dark brown depending on the modification temperature.
The minimal volume of raw materials we accept for modification is 5 cubic m; maximum thickness of board is 50 mm.


1. Thermal wood is safe.

Thermal wood stays natural and environmentally friendly as thermal treatment does not imply using chemical substances.

2. High durability of thermal wood

– as a result it is almost not exposed to mechanical impacts, is not afraid of changes in temperature and other atmosphere factors.

3. Resistant to moisture

– the structure of thermal wood is very dense, therefore it does not absorb moisture and a result does not swell, does not tort, does not crack, that is during the whole service life it keeps the initial shape and appearance.

4. Low level of heat conductivity

– thermal wood keeps up to 30% more warmth in your house comparing with normal wood and even more with other construction materials.

5. Longevity of material

is provided by the fact that thermal wood does not rot therefore does not absorb moisture, and the mold does not appear on it. It is not attractive for insects-pests as nutritive substances are absent there after the treatment.

6. Thermal wood looks extraordinarily beautiful.

After the thermal treatment the surface of the wood becomes even and smooth. Thanks to the thermal treatment colors become richer; the wood changes its color all along the profile.

The thermal treatment is an old and natural method to increase the strength of  wood. We use the treatment in a modern, quality and strictly controlled process. The thermal treatment processes natural properties of wood using high temperature (185-215 ° С) and water vapor. No chemical reagents are used in the production process. Thus thermally treated products are exceptionally natural and environmentally friendly.

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